Example of our projects

Entrance hall, toilet & table

In the project, we renewed the lighting in the hallway and WC of an apartment building built in the 70s for an elderly customer, as well as the ceiling material in the hallway.

The aim of the renovation is to make the premises sufficiently bright, but without causing unpleasant glare. Improves the resident's living safety and comfort and improves the diversity of lighting with the help of modern control technology.

Entrance hall before renovation

The hallway of the property was really dark in the beginning and, above all, a safety risk. The round halogen lights shown in the pictures were old-fashioned and operated with light current, so they got hot when used. Adjusting them to the right brightness was a challenge, because the switch was already broken.

The end result of the vestibule

The result is a very bright and atmospheric space. The hallway is the first space when entering the apartment, so the atmosphere it creates is particularly important. 30 W LED panels and a very efficient glare-free lamp manufactured by Zumtobel were installed on the ceiling of the hall.

LED panels create even and pleasant general light in the room. The glare-free lamp from Zumtobel has three different meanings. Normally, the light works as an indirect light through the cabinet doors. When the cabinets are used, it illuminates the interior of the cabinet, making it easier to use the cabinet. At night, the lamp works as a night light with a very low power.

The presence sensor in the room works as a motion sensor and light quantity meter, controlling e.g. various pre-programmed lighting situations. The color of the light in the space adapts to the daylight.

We installed Konto Oy's acoustic panels on the ceiling, which are made of surface peat. The color of the plates is called winter. The surface of the peat boards is alive and thus creates personality in the space.

Konto is a Finnish company that manufactures felt and board products from surface peat. The peat boards have an M1 classification, which means that it has low emissions. They also do not mold or smell. The counter plates are also easy to keep clean.

The lighting system is controlled by the Casambi control system, which enables completely wireless control technology. The control system and the lights are supplied by the Finnish company KVS Oy.

Video summary of the lighting renovation of the hall:

Toilet before renovation

The only light source in the customer's toilet was the fluorescent lamp above the mirror cabinet. As you can see from the picture, the lamp comes over the mirror cabinet and according to the customer, it kept hitting the shower door when opening it. In any case, the tube light was not efficient enough to illuminate the entire toilet.

WC result

We renewed the old mirror cabinet with a new domestic high-quality 62x70 cm mirror cabinet, which includes a fault current protection switch. The mirror cabinet has beautifully integrated LED lights above the mirror.

At the edge of the ceiling, we have installed an effective moisture-protected LED strip that goes around the entire edge of the ceiling. Producing uniform indirect and glare-free lighting.

We have installed the presence detector above the mirror cabinet, thanks to which the lights turn on when a person enters the toilet. The color of the lighting adapts to the daylight, just like in the hallway, night lighting also has its situation. The WC lighting control is a part of the Casambi control system in the hall.

There is also a wireless switch outside the toilet, from which the lighting status can be controlled, for example. to the state of enhanced lighting, for example in a cleaning situation.

Video summary of the lighting renovation of the WC:

A new table in the hall 

The customer was not satisfied with his old hall table and wanted us to design a new table for him. We ended up using the same Konto Oy turf board for the table that we used for the ceiling of his hall.

We wanted the hallway to be as consistent as possible, and we definitely wanted to challenge ourselves and develop each new thing, that's why we ended up using turf boards. The end result is a wonderful design table with integrated LED lighting. The lighting is controlled by the same wireless Casambi system as other lighting in the hall and it is part of the other control system of the hall.

Video of the new hall table: